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Find Somewhere to Grow

Led by one or two individuals, these groups consist of small groups of people who meet together in a home, coffee shop, park, at the church, really anywhere, on a regular basis. There are groups for every demographic and every interest. Whether it is studying the Bible together, learning how to cook, playing sports, serving the community or any other area of common passion, the Connect Groups at ROVC are the place to experience community and to grow spiritually.

At ROVC, we run two types of groups. The first are our Ongoing Groups that meet throughout the year and are often focused on Bible study, prayer, and deeper reflection of the Sunday messages. The second are our Term Groups. These groups are generally focused on a topic, theme or general interest, and run for a specific length of time with an established start and end date. The Fall term begins in October and the Spring term begins in March. If you are new to ROVC, term groups are a great opportunity to connect with others in the church that have the same interests and passions you have.


We as a church are committed to intentionally building environments where honest transparent relationships lead to the process of growth and transformation in our lives. Our Connect Group ministry is a great place for that to happen.  

Please review the groups below, and once you’ve decided what group(s) you will be attending. We're excited about what God is going to do during this next season and we look forward to seeing you step a little closer into the dynamic community of our Church.