Great weather = Great progress

In the last week we have seen the foundations cribbed, concrete poured and the new walls prepared for the next phase of construction. We should see backfilling by the end of the week and plumbing and electrical underground work commence next week. After that is completed, the steel will arrive!

Foundation Pictures

We just thought we would throw up a few more pictures of the foundation work. The progress is exciting!

The foundations are being prepared

The last two weeks have seen some tremendous progress. The excess dirt has been removed, the foundation trenches are dug, and the footing placement is being prepared. Initial concrete pouring could also be completed this week.

The construction company has advised, as was outlined in the past Sunday's program, that the steel could be on site by the end of the month!

Continue to pray for this project as we embark on a very intensive next few months.

Construction has started!

The snow has been cleared, the heating pads are down and once the frost is out of the ground it's full speed ahead! ~PD