Entering the Next Phase

We are days away from the completion of Phase 3, which means that we can start thinking about the future. The foyer renovation has begun, the final few P3 projects are under way, and we are anticipating Christmas in the new space. For more pictures, visit www.facebook.com/ROVCCalgary.

Final Few Steps

The 2nd floor of Phase 3 is almost complete, and we were able to complete a partial move in this past weekend. The main floor is making great progress with the construction of the back stage area, paint and finishing touches. We have also started our foyer renovations! For more pictures, please visit us at Facebook.com/ROVCCalgary.

Nearing the End

The second floor of the expansion is nearing completing with the main floor not far behind. Tile (both flooring and ceiling) has started upstairs with the drywall almost complete downstairs. The stucco is also complete! For more pictures visit Facebook.com/ROVCCalgary.


We fast approaching enclosure, the point where the elements (rain, snow and pesky little animals) stay out of our building. Stucco has also started and drywall is moving along. Thank you again to everyone who joined us for Vision Day and our tours. For more pictures, visit Facebook.com/ROVCCalgary.

Wires & Water

WE HAVE WATER! Yes, we are just a little excited about that fact. They have also done a lot of wiring in the last week and have begun the framing on the main level. More progress! (See Facebook.com/ROVCCalgary for more pictures.)


We have completed our framing walkthroughs of both levels, as well as our electrical walkthrough of the second floor (mezzanine). The main floor electrical should be next week. We also have our main water line being installed this week. External boarding has begun with the anticipation of windows in about two weeks. (Click to scroll through pictures or visit Facebook.com/ROVCCalgary for more pictures.)

A busy place

There has been tremendous progress over the last few weeks. With multiple trades on site, it has become a very busy place. The roof, sprinkler system, plumbing, electrical, heating/cooling, and framing are all happening simultaneously. We also had the main floor poured, and finished it off with a tour of the second floor (mezzanine). *Click to view photos.

Water works

This week we have seen the beginning of the process to upgrade our water line for the sprinkler system, as well as continued progress on the installation of it. They have also begun work on the roofing. Finally the second floor (mezzanine) will be poured tomorrow to begin framing on the rest of the building.

The Adventure Continues

The steel is all wrapped up and they have started framing. We will see a lot of progress throughout the building in the next few weeks as they continue to frame and install the sprinkler system.

Steely determination

This week has seen more progress on the steel assembly of Phase 3, as well as the continuation of the installation of the fire suppression/sprinkler system in the existing building. It has meant a lot of noise and a lot of need for flexibility, but the excitement for the project makes it all worth while. Please continue to pray for every aspect of this project.

It's all coming together

This week has seen some tremendous progress, and we are only at Wednesday! We are starting to see things taking shape. Here is a sneak peek of what you will see when you arrive on Sunday!

What's underground matters!

Over the last two weeks we have seen a lot of progress on the building, but not a lot of it can be seen. Foundation sealing and water control has been mostly completed and the crews are working on all of the underground plumbing.

This should be the final week of underground work with the steel scheduled to arrive right after the long weekend. By the end of May we will see the basic structure of the building.

Continue to pray for favour, good weather, and safety on the project.

Great weather = Great progress

In the last week we have seen the foundations cribbed, concrete poured and the new walls prepared for the next phase of construction. We should see backfilling by the end of the week and plumbing and electrical underground work commence next week. After that is completed, the steel will arrive!

Foundation Pictures

We just thought we would throw up a few more pictures of the foundation work. The progress is exciting!

The foundations are being prepared

The last two weeks have seen some tremendous progress. The excess dirt has been removed, the foundation trenches are dug, and the footing placement is being prepared. Initial concrete pouring could also be completed this week.

The construction company has advised, as was outlined in the past Sunday's program, that the steel could be on site by the end of the month!

Continue to pray for this project as we embark on a very intensive next few months.

Construction has started!

The snow has been cleared, the heating pads are down and once the frost is out of the ground it's full speed ahead! ~PD