Worship Arts


Our Purpose

Our worship ministries exist to glorify Jesus Christ. We believe that worship is an expression of our love and devotion to our Savior, as well as deep gratitude for His love towards us. Worship connects us to God's heart, draws our hearts closer to Him and prepares us to receive teaching from the Bible. We seek to create a contemporary musical environment that encourages intimate communion with our Lord Jesus Christ and leads people into passionate worship that is authentic, engaging and expressive.

Technical Arts

Media • Sound • Lighting • Video


Our technical arts team exists to declare the glory of Jesus Christ. We develop creative teams of volunteers who are skilled, equipped, connected to one another, and passionate about excellence in technical arts. By sharing God's story in creative ways, we seek to teach about God's character as well as shape the community experience in ways that impact body, mind and spirit. Through media, sound, lighting & video the technical arts ministry facilitates and enhances creative communication.